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  • Statue Ginger

    Statue Ginger

    A new statue on the market place brings Eliane Cossey or "Ginger" back to Poperinge. Ginger was a redhead girl that worked at the La Poupée pub and had a mesmerizing effect on many soldiers. It's...

  • De Cyclist

    De Cyclist

    Since 2014 The Cyclist is based at the Boeschepestraat in Poperinge. The Cyclist is not an ordinary bike store, but a place where passion for the bike is central. They have a wide range of bicycles...

  • Outside Travel

    Outside Travel

    Are you looking for a day filled with action and excitement with your family, club or business? You've come to the right place at Outside Travel. Quad, paintball, high ropes, wakeboard, bike, urban...

  • Bowling 'De Goe Smete' Poperinge

    Bowling 'De Goe Smete' Poperinge

    In the bowling, adjacent to the pool, you get loose. This ultra-modern complex opened in the summer of 2018. No fewer than 18 lanes provide a lot of fun. In between bowling you can enjoy a nice...

  • Children's Brewery

    Children's Brewery

    The Children's Brewery is situated on the site of the old brewery of Reningelst and is a place where young and old can bring out their inner child. In large and small theaters, in the courtyard or...

  • Town Hall Poperinge

    Town Hall Poperinge

    The town hall of Poperinge has a very rich history. The building was designed by Jules Coomans. The town hall and the post office building are built in a neo-Gothic style. The construction was...

  • St Martin's church Roesbrugge

    St Martin's church Roesbrugge

    In this church in Roesbrugge, there is an oak chandelier with a diameter of 1,8m, a height of 3,4m and a weight of 420 kg.

  • Provelo - Bicycle rental

    Provelo - Bicycle rental

    Looking for an mountainbike, city bike or e-bike for one day or longer? You can go to bicycle workshop Provelo for various options. Electric bicycle: from € 20 per day Mountainbike: from € 18 per...

  • Talbot House

    Talbot House

    In the heart of the Poperinge metropolis, the last remaining “unoccupied” town behind the lines, Padre Philip Tubby Clayton opened his soldier’s refuge on 11 December 1915. The beautiful mansion of...

  • Dode IJzer walk

    Dode IJzer walk

    Roesbrugge: 7,8 km. Starting at the bridge over the river IJzer in Roesbrugge, this walk explores the frontier landscape along the winding river. Most of the hike (three quarters) is along...

  • Galgebossen (forest)

    Galgebossen (forest)

    The Galgebossen (107 ha) are located on the border between Elverdinge, Poperinge and Vlamertinge. The forest got its name because the count had subjects hanged on the edge of this forest. It is a...

  • Signpost Paardenmarkt

    Signpost Paardenmarkt

    This monument with the horse and the drinking well (L. De Gheus, 1957) refers to the original function of the square, reconstructed in 1996: horse market.

  • Bunker Helleketelweg 15

    Bunker Helleketelweg 15

    Within walking distance of the Nine Elms British Cemetery, there is another war relic on the farm at 15 Helleketelweg. Where the barn of the farm is now, a machine gun post was erected by American...

  • Claus silhouette

    Claus silhouette

    The Claus silhouette on the market place of Watou is a permanent reminder of the well-known author Hugo Claus who died in 2008. Roger Raveel made the silhouette in 1993. Hugo Claus is the most...

  • Vespa-ride


    Rent a Vespa in Poperinge and enjoy the beauty of the Westhoek; the magnificent landscapes of Heuvelland; a trip to the seaside via idyllic country villages; the history of the old front region,...

  • Malt tower St.-Joris

    Malt tower St.-Joris

    The malt tower was built in 1913, during a thorough modernization of the brewery. The brewery-malt house survived the First World War, but the brewer's house was destroyed by a bomb. That was built...

  • App 'Poperinge 14-18'

    App 'Poperinge 14-18'

    Download the free Poperinge 14-18 app in the App Store or Google Play Store. Then your phone is equipped with a number of cycling, hiking and car routes on the theme of the Great war. And more good...

  • De Lovie castle

    De Lovie castle

    Commissioned by Jules Van Merris, a prominent inhabitant of Poperinge, castle De Lovie was built in 1856 and the castle park was shaped according to the concept of an English landscape garden....

  • Reninghelst New Military Cemetery

    Reninghelst New Military Cemetery

    Reninghelst was located in the British sector from autumn 1914 till the end of the war. This cemetery was used from November 1915 and contains victims from 8 different countries.

  • St. Vedast's church

    St. Vedast's church

    The glass-stained windows in this church in Reningelst, partially made of ironstone, tell the story of the murder of priests by the Beggars in 1568.

  • Made in Inox

    Made in Inox

    If you are interested in metal and have a passion for artisan forging, or are you just curious how things are going on in Made in Inox. Do not hesitate to visit Made in Inox! With pleasure you'll...

  • Poperinghe New Military Cemetery

    Poperinghe New Military Cemetery

    The Poperinge New Military Cemetery was in use as of April 1915. This cemetery holds a sad record: 17 executed soldiers are buried here; the total number of casualties in this cemetery amounts to...

  • Museum Lucien de Gheus

    Museum Lucien de Gheus

    Visit the house of sculptor-ceramicist Lucien De Gheus and discover his rich oeuvre of ceramics, stained glass, drawings and paintings in his own home and garden.

  • Solar clock

    Solar clock

    On the Burgemeester de Sagher place, a real solar clock is installed, designed by Poperinge inhabitant F. Schaffler.

  • Haringhe (Bandaghem) Military Cemetery

    Haringhe (Bandaghem) Military Cemetery

    This cemetery was assigned in July 1917 to the 62nd and 63rd Casualty Clearing Stations. Four British plots were built; four French on the western side and one plot for German prisoners of war in...

  • Lace worker

    Lace worker

    The lace industry was an important source of income for the former inhabitants of hte Widows' Yard. The monument the lace worker designed by Rik Ryon in 1989 in the St. Anna street refers to this...

  • Sports and recreation swimming pool

    Sports and recreation swimming pool

    Water lovers can enjoy the new sports and recreation pool in Poperinge. Go and discover the wild water creek, the wave pool, the aqua tunnel and the slide with light effects and water curtain. You...

  • Hopshoots


    Hop shoots are available between January untill the beginning of April. Because of the short period of availability and the labour intensive culture, hop shoots are considered to be the most...

  • The Quest of Corona's Box

    The Quest of Corona's Box

    A unique quest not to close Pandora's box, but to close Corona's box. A unique day out for small groups of family and friends, with a nod to this unseen Corona crisis.

  • Stefans Pottery

    Stefans Pottery

    Stefan Ferlin creates his works of art in stoneware clay in his atelier surrounded by wide fields. In the exhibition space, you can search an ideal gift while enjoying a drink. Stefan also offers...

  • Meat farm Sint-Pieterke

    Meat farm Sint-Pieterke

    Meat farm Sint-Pieterke is the parental farm of Chris located along the Sint-Pietersstraat in Reningelst, part of Poperinge. The farm is also next to the border with the hilly Westouter...

  • Fietsen Stef

    Fietsen Stef

    Book regular bicycles or e-bikes here every day. Bicycles Stef has 7 regular men's bikes, 7 regular women's bikes, 1 e-bike for men and 2 e-bikes for women.

  • May tree

    May tree

    This slender monument symbolizes the twinning between Poperinge and the German hop centre of Wolnzach in Bavaria since 1965 and was donated in 1976 by the twinned town to Poperinge.

  • De Speelplekke - Games store

    De Speelplekke - Games store

    Enter the mecca of games! Good for nearly 1,000 copies. However, the Speelplekke is more than a store. Here you can buy board games and educational toys and also rent more than 150 games. Ideal for...

  • Statue Ghybe

    Statue Ghybe

    This statue (designed by L. De Gheus in 2005) refers to the cloth struggle between Poperinge and Ieper. This satiric figure symboliszs the 3 major cloth towns, Ghent, Ypres and Bruges which...

  • St Martin's church Haringe

    St Martin's church Haringe

    This church in Haringe has romanic roots which can be seen from the round arches, the crossing tower made of ironstone and the crypt that was uncovered during the restoration of 1976. The organ was...

  • 't Wulleminhof - Covered wagon rides

    't Wulleminhof - Covered wagon rides

    't Wulleminhof offers a range of possibilities to go out with the covered carriage. In the countryside around Poperinge, they offer you an unforgettable trip. Via country roads they'll take you to...

  • Poperinghe Old Military Cemetery

    Poperinghe Old Military Cemetery

    The 'Poperinghe Old Military Cemetery' was created in October 1914 during the First Battle of Ypres. Commonwealth kills were buried there until the beginning of May 1915. After a typhoid fever...

  • L'Héritage Poperinge

    L'Héritage Poperinge

    You can find l'Heritage's homemade ice cream on the town square in Poperinge. Artisanal ice cream in a wide range of flavours, with fresh farm milk and, if desired, even low-sugar or milk-free. But...

  • 't Hoppecruyt

    't Hoppecruyt

    Ever since 1893, the Desmyter family has been running a hop farm in the centre of Proven, a rural village of Greater-Poperinge. Today, hop farmer Wout and his wife Benedikte are the fourth...

  • Skindles


    The classicist mansion from the 18th century, the fronton of which is decorated with the hunting goddess Diana, used to be the residence of the family van Renynghe de Voxvrie. After the Great War,...

  • Town park Frimout Poperinge

    Town park Frimout Poperinge

    The town park, named after Viscount Dirk Frimout (first Belgian in space), forms the green lung in the centre of Poperinge. The park (3 hectares) is divided into three zones: a demonstration zone...

  • The farm Baljuwhoeve

    The farm Baljuwhoeve

    Located at a stone's throw from Poperinge, you will find "De Baljuwhoeve". There, Wannes and Emily run a dairy farm with dairy processing together with their 2 sons. The 65 dairy cows, both...

  • Ezelpad farm

    Ezelpad farm

    On Sunday afternoon, the donkey farm is open to the public from 14h to 18h, until the end of September! You can admire the donkeys, drink a fresh beer or an organic juice and have fun with...

  • Commonwealth military Cemetery Lijssenthoek

    Commonwealth military Cemetery Lijssenthoek

    Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery is the impressive witness of more than four years of war violence. From 1915 until 1920 the hamlet of Lijssenthoek became the venue for the biggest evacuation...

  • Atelier Hortense

    Atelier Hortense

    Does your mouth begin to water whenever you hear the words “brownie, white chocolate cake, tarte bresilienne, white passion, red fruit cheesecake or forest fruit crumble”? In that case, be sure to...

  • Brewery Werbrouck

    Brewery Werbrouck

    The artisan brewery Werbrouck is located in Roesbrugge, on a stone's throw from France. Their beer is brewed according to time-honored brewing methods with their own recipes. The brewery was...

  • Beer shop Nevejan

    Beer shop Nevejan

    Beer shop Nevejan was one of the founders of two typical Poperinge beers. Kerelsbier, a blond beer of low fermentation with a powerful hop bitterness. After disappearing from the market for a...

  • Death Cells & Execution Spot Poperinge

    Death Cells & Execution Spot Poperinge

    The authentic execution pole, located in the inner courtyard of the town hall, is a painful reminder of the fate which awaited many so-called ‘deserters’ during the Great War. Most of these...

  • House of the miracle

    House of the miracle

    In Bruggestraat nr 9 you can see where once stood the little house inwhich lived a poor weaver's family in 1479. Their still-born child was brought back to life by Our Lady of St. John.

  • Brewery Sint-Bernardus

    Brewery Sint-Bernardus

    Brewery St.Bernardus brews dark and blond abbey ales since 1946. All their beers are brewed with our own yeast, malts of the highest quality and hops from their own hop field right next to the...

  • The Old Fiddler - Bicycle rental

    The Old Fiddler - Bicycle rental

    Poperinge and its surroundings is the ideal base for a cycling trip. There is an abundance of tourist attractions. You cycle through the beautiful landscape with the hop fields in Poperinge and the...

  •  Municipal Scales

    Municipal Scales

    Poperinge's Hop Museum is located in the old "Stadsschaal" or Municipal Scales. An informative audio tour guides you through four floors of history and culture, all the way from the impressive loft...

  • Weeuwhof


    In the little Saint-Anna Street there used to be a hops field that was harvested in 1769. On this place canon Proventier commanded the building of a dozen little houses which were built for widows,...

  • De Lovie

    De Lovie

    A wide range of local gastronomic products is grown on the De Lovie-farm: old potato varieties, pumpkins, parsnips, crosnes, Jerusalem artichokes and of course the famous hop shoots. These products...

  • The church of Our Lady

    The church of Our Lady

    This is a gothic church built in the 13th century with spire and built in the same style as found on the coast. The rococo choir screen is decorated with musical instruments and the 2 lecterns come...

  • CRAB/RCBL monument

    CRAB/RCBL monument

    This monument made by local artist L. De Gheus was inaugurated on May 17th 1998 and refers to the May days '40 when Poperinge became a refuge for many compatriots wanting to cross the border into...

  • Monument of the Fallen

    Monument of the Fallen

    The memorial stone for the killed soldiers of Poperinge was founded back in 1926. It was set up on the place of the strongly damaged café ‘à la maison de ville’, that was also used as town hall...

  • Half-timbered house

    Half-timbered house

    The half-timbered house is a remnant of a large half-timbered farm ' Het Groot Gasthuisgoed '. The government agency Nature and Forest bought it in 2005 from the social welfare centre of Poperinge....

  • Abeele Aerodrome Military Cemetery

    Abeele Aerodrome Military Cemetery

    The Abeele Aerodrome Military Cemetery is named after the nearby airport "Abeele Airfield", but has nothing to do with it. The "Abeele Aerodrome" cemetery was first used by French troops during the...

  • Knappe Keikoppen trip

    Knappe Keikoppen trip

    The residents of Poperinge are called Keikoppen (pigheaded). At a given moment there even was a Keikoppen association in Poperinge! During the Knappe Keikoppentocht Mister Ghybe, chairman of the...

  • Traditional games tour

    Traditional games tour

    The traditional games tour offers a mix of regional discovery and fun. On the tour in a number of authentic cafes you will relive the old days with typical traditional games. Along the way, snacks...

  • Visitor centre Lijssenthoek

    Visitor centre Lijssenthoek

    Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery is the impressive witness of more than four years of war violence. From 1915 until 1920 the hamlet of Lijssenthoek became the venue for the biggest evacuation...

  • The Helleketelbos (Forest) Poperinge

    The Helleketelbos (Forest) Poperinge

    The Helleketelbos in Abele is just a stone's throw from the French border. The forest spreads over an area of ​​59 hectares. The forest is not as ominous as its name suggests. No witches or devils,...

  • Chinese Memorial site 'Busseboom'

    Chinese Memorial site 'Busseboom'

    On the “Busseboom” site you will discover two monuments that commemorate the efforts of the Chinese workers during the First World War. They are the first and worldwide only monuments to pay...

  • St. Bertinus' church

    St. Bertinus' church

    The deanery church is devoted to St. Bertinus, the abbot of the St. Omer abbey and former liege of Poperinge. The portal is decorated with a statue of St. Bertinus and obituary notices are on...

  • Couthof Castle

    Couthof Castle

    This classicist castle dates from 1763 and is home to Henri d'Udekem d'Acoz, former Town Mayor of Poperinge and uncle of Queen Mathilde. In the tomb of the d'Udekem family in the churchyard around...

  • Picon route Large

    Picon route Large

    During the Picon route you will discover both sides of the border. At each stop there is something special to experience. Dance, singing, lectures, a museum visit, a brewery visit, traditional...

  • E-biking Poperinge

    E-biking Poperinge

    Here you can rent one or more e-bikes. We have 10 regular models of E-bikes and 2 smaller models. These are also suitable for children from 10 years. With the E-bike you can easily cycle some 60 km...

  • Poperingevaart


    The Poperingevaart connects Poperinge to the river Yser and flows through Poperinge, Vleteren and Stavele (Alveringem). The Poperingevaart flows into the Yser at the Elzendamme bridge.

  • Reninghelst Churchyard & Extention

    Reninghelst Churchyard & Extention

    This small cemetery contains a parcel of 2 graves and 1 special memorial for victims from the UK. The cemetery and extension were in use from March till November 1915. The cemetery register...

  • Heritage walk

    Heritage walk

    During this walk, the guide will take you through Poperinge from the past to the present. During the Middle Ages, Poperinge was an important cloth town, but in 1343 a weaving ban was imposed by...

  • St. Victor's church

    St. Victor's church

    The church and parish of Proven are named after Saint Victor. St. Victor's Church was rebuilt in 1806 after the late Gothic early 17th-century church was struck by fire in 1802. The crossing tower...

  • Rondje Westhoek

    Rondje Westhoek

    Discover the Flanders Fields region during a guided tour in an authentic Volkswagen van. Customized programs are possible for both small and larger groups.

  • Gwalia Cemetery

    Gwalia Cemetery

    A hop farm, located about five kilometers from the front, was claimed by the British soldiers and called 'Gwalia Farm', after a place in Wales. From the end of June 1917, a 'Field Ambulance' was...

  • Watou Churchyard

    Watou Churchyard

    Watou was far behind the front during the First World War and served as a "rest sector" where army camps and temporary barracks for Belgian refugees could be found. The relationship between the...

  • Tuktuk-rides


    In addition to renting a TukTuk for smaller groups, from now on 2 tourist trains can be rented. Both trains are identical and can carry 56 people. These tourist trains are an experience for young...

  • Daughter of Pupurn

    Daughter of Pupurn

    In the inner yard of the Hop museum, the statue "Daughter of Pupurn"' (N. Boudry, 2003) refers to the local Brotherhood De Witte Ranke which devotes itself to local hop culture, breweries and...

  • St. John's church

    St. John's church

    The St. John's Church from the 13th century is built according to the basilica system and is a well-known place of pilgrimage dedicated to Our Lady. She performed a miracle in 1479 which is the...

  • Hopsiepops – Indoor playground

    Hopsiepops – Indoor playground

    Hopsiepops, that’s a storage of 2300 m² rebuilt into a fantastic and unique indoor playground, situated along the ring road of Poperinge. In Hopsiepops you can find a lot of nice attractions and...

  • Cycling route 'China in Poperinge'

    Cycling route 'China in Poperinge'

    The cycling route starts at the town square in Poperinge. It takes you along a number of special locations that are connected to China, Poperinge and the First World War. In the summer of 1917,...

  • Farm Fun

    Farm Fun

    Farm Fun groups several dairy farms in Flanders that welcome families and friends for a fun activity in a unique setting of a real farm. The farm Games are suitable for groups from 10 people to 110...

  • Guesthouse Escape

    Guesthouse Escape

    Mind-boggling, educational, challenging and above all… terribly exciting! The first real-life escape game in Poperinge: Let's lock you up in a room with your team. You get exactly one hour to...

  • Farm 'Den Overdraght'

    Farm 'Den Overdraght'

    This farm is specialised in rare sheep, which provide woolly warmth. The farm grew into an interactive farm where you can learn more about life at the farm. A visit always ends with a fresh glass...

  • Vleterbeek - creek

    Vleterbeek - creek

    The headwaters of the Poperingevaart, the Vleterbeek, originates from the Catsberg in France and flows onwards from Abele to Poperinge. There the stream merges with the Bommelaarsbeek and is given...

  • Medium Picon Route

    Medium Picon Route

    During the Picon Route you travel along one side of the border with one big reference, Picon. There is something special to experience at every stop. Dance, song, lecture, museum visit, brewery...

  • Bike Rental Company Poperinge

    Bike Rental Company Poperinge

    A relaxing ride through the wonderful countryside offers you an exceptional chance to appreciate the environmental beauty. Signposted cycle-routes lead you among the most enchanting spots. Bicycles...

  • Hotel Amfora Bicycle rental

    Hotel Amfora Bicycle rental

    Are you looking for a central base to explore the Westhoek, then Hotel Amfora in Poperinge is the right place. Near the French border and a stone's throw from Ypres, you find yourself here in the...

  • Yser


    Roesbrugge is the community where the Yser, having its source in Lederzeele and Buysscheure (F) enters Belgium. The tow path along the Yser invites you on a scenic hike.

  • De Schipvaarthoeve

    De Schipvaarthoeve

    Every year, the agriculture and horticulture department of the technical school of Poperinge lay out hundreds of test fields at the trial farm "De Schipvaarthoeve". These are test with potatoes,...

  • 'Gasthuis'-Chapel


    The 'Gasthuis' was originally a kind of hospital where nuns took care of the needy and strangers who moved through the city. Only later did the sisters begin to care for the sick, to concentrate...

  • De Groenselpoorte - picnic at the farm

    De Groenselpoorte - picnic at the farm

    Jos and Moniek like to open the most beautiful spot of their village farm for groups. In the shade of the lime tree or on the edge of our pond, you can enjoy delicacies from the region. Come and...

  • Hop Museum

    Hop Museum

    Poperinge's new and extended Hop Museum is located in the old "Stadsschaal" or Municipal Scales. An informative audio tour guides you through four floors of history and culture, all the way from...

  • De Galge

    De Galge

    Contrary to what the name of this peculiar brick construction suggests, this was formerly not a gallows, but a landmark in the maze with wood of the Couthof domain.

  • Zokola


    Addictive with Zokola The Royal British Legion gave Zokola the exclusive permission to launch a chocolate Poppy. Red colored with natural sources, filled with caramel and Baileys. Chocolate...

  • Bike rental Brewery St. Bernardus

    Bike rental Brewery St. Bernardus

    Bicycle rental: • we only rent premium e-bikes and bicycles • the bicycles must be picked up and returned during the opening hours of the shop • we always rent for a full day

  • Wellness Recour

    Wellness Recour

    Wellness Recour isn’t a place to relax just for one minute. Wellness Recour is a place that satisfies all heavenly requirements: nicely warm, abundant drinks, plenty of time, a lot of space and the...

  • Mendinghem Military Cemetery

    Mendinghem Military Cemetery

    The first burial on Mendinghem Cemetery took place in August 1916 after a field hospital was installed in June. It was located close to the railway to Proven. The cemetery contains 2442 victims of...

  • Fazantenheuvel


    This spot with orienteering table in the Stoppelweg marks the highest point of Poperinge: 62 m above sea level.

  • St. Bavo's church

    St. Bavo's church

    In this church of Watou you find the 2 tombs of the first two counts of Watou, Karel van Ydeghem and Maria van Cortewyle and the tomb of the mystic K.L. Grimminck.

  • The Mower

    The Mower

    Every year Roesbrugge was the setting for a Farm Festival; to mark the 20th anniversary in 1996 the statue of The Mower, made by Rik Ryon, was inaugurated.

  • Grootebeek British Cemetery

    Grootebeek British Cemetery

    In April 1918 a new cemetery originates near a hamlet called Ouderdom. The cemetery is called Grootebeek because of the small river Grootebeek or Groote Kemmelbeek which flows next to the cemetery....

  • Poperinghe Communal Cemetery

    Poperinghe Communal Cemetery

    The first victims of the casualty clearing stations in Poperinge were buried in the municipal graveyard. Poperinge was a relatively safe place and held by British troops during the whole war. In...

  • Monument Charles the Smuggler

    Monument Charles the Smuggler

    This village near the French-Belgian border was the ideal work area for smugglers, called "blauwers". The monument of Charles the Smuggler, realized par Rik Ryon in 1980, honours this epic in which...

  • De Schipperkeshoeve

    De Schipperkeshoeve

    Covered wagon rides are organized in the Schipperkeshoeve. It is a farm on the border with France, where the hobby of 2 people grew into a passion. We offer covered wagon rides along the rural...

  • Hop Farm Brewery De Plukker

    Hop Farm Brewery De Plukker

    Hop Farm Brewery De Plukker brews with own hops, 100% organic. The beers are brewed and bottled on site. Their craft beers are brewed in the traditional Belgian way, using nothing but high-quality...

  • In Septem Caelo

    In Septem Caelo

    “In Septem Caelo…” An oasis of calmness Enjoy the Finnish sauna and the bio sauna. In the steam bath you’re totally surrounded by eucalyptus steams. Next we recommend you to take a soft and warm...

  • Eurokart Indoor

    Eurokart Indoor

    Imagine yourself as a Formula 1 pilot on a 750-meter asphalt track! Euro Indoor Kart Circuit is not only for the real kart enthusiasts, but also for those who want to taste the thrill to race in a...

  • The Biezenhoeve

    The Biezenhoeve

    Wondering where milk comes from? Come and take a look behind the scenes of a high-tech dairy farm. Through a guided tour you'll learn how a sweet little calf grows into a lactating cow. After the...

  • Walk along the Dead Yzer path

    Walk along the Dead Yzer path

    This 6.8 km walk offers the opportunity to tell the story of the history of Roesbrugge and the Yser and especially 'blauwen'. After all, the border village offered the ideal opportunities to make...

  • Lugano Wellness

    Lugano Wellness

    At Lugano Wellness you can enjoy our sauna, tropical shower, jacuzzi, indoor swimming pool and steam room. Enjoying the sauna is the perfect relaxation for body and mind. A moment of strong...

  • The Bonde

    The Bonde

    The Bonde is a tool used for fishing and symbolizes the twinning since 1985 between Watou and Mézières-en-Brenne, a watery area in the French Department of Indre.

  • Nine Elms British Cemetery

    Nine Elms British Cemetery

    In this cemetery along the Helleketelweg, 1615 victims are buried, 1593 of them were killed in the Great War and about 20 victims and 2 unidentified casualties from the 2nd World War.

  • Bakery Vandecasteele

    Bakery Vandecasteele

    With authentic Poperingse regional products, Bakery Vandecasteele has been putting itself on the map of the Westhoek. Meanwhile, the 5th generation is already at the helm with Simon, who learned...

  • Tsjoekebos play forest

    Tsjoekebos play forest

    This young play forest is divided in different zones where young children can play. The name was chosen by the youth of Poperinge and refers to the sound of a moving steam train. During WW1 the...

  • Leroy Breweries - site Watou

    Leroy Breweries - site Watou

    Brewery Van Eecke (1624) and Brewery Het Sas (1572) are two of the oldest still active breweries in the Westhoek. Together they combine more than 4 centuries of craftsmanship, tradition and passion...

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