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  • Café De Stadsschaal

    Café De Stadsschaal

    De Stadsschaal is an authentic little pub were can play traditional Flemish Games. It’s located in the city center of Poperinge next to the Hop Museum. This is also the family home of Dirk Frimout.

  • Den Grooten Onzen Here

    Den Grooten Onzen Here

    ‘Den Grooten Onzen Here’ is a real ‘borderline’ case. The restaurant is on Belgian territory but as soon as you step out the door, you will be in France!

  • Chez le voisin

    Chez le voisin

    Here you can enjoy grandma's kitchen, toast with lard, pâté, steak, grilled ham and many more. There is also the possibility for a ride in a carriage on request. Inside there is room for 40 people,...

  • Het Jagershof

    Het Jagershof

    At ‘t Jagershof’ you will be treated to the history of the ‘Poperingsche Kruidekoeke’ (spice cake), as well as, of course, great food and drinks. Let your eyes feast on the authentic biscuit tins...

  • De Wijngaard

    De Wijngaard

    De Wijngaard is a nice pub in the city centre of Poperinge where you can play traditional Flemish games with friends and family.

  • 't Blauwers Huys

    't Blauwers Huys

    "Our ambition is to offer culinary delight in an uncomplicated, authentic and timeless atmosphere. Our offer ranges from a fresh local pint to a gastronomic feast." It is with a great deal of...

  • Passage


    ‘Passage’ offers a distinguished cuisine and a trendy interior in true lounge style. It is the place-to-be for a lunch or dishes à la carte (new menu each month). On Sunday afternoons, Passage is a...

  • Galerij De Katteman

    Galerij De Katteman

    The Katteman Art Gallery is a haven for young and old. In a pleasant setting you can enjoy a nice chat and a tasty snack. It is the perfect stop on your cycling or walking route.

  • Manoir Ogygia

    Manoir Ogygia

    Charme Hotel Manoir Ogygia is located in a castle in the park along the Veurnestraat in Poperinge, Belgium. Manoir Ogygia aims for bon vivants. Carmen and Kris welcome you in their cosy castle,...

  • 't Sparhof

    't Sparhof

    Restaurant ‘t Sparhof was originally the Struye family farm on the edge of the Helleketelbos between Poperinge, Watou and Abele. When the Helleketelbos opened in ’74, the family started selling...

  • Amfora


    This neo-Gothic hotel with eight recently refurbished rooms is located on Poperinge’s market square. In hotel Amfora you will definitely enjoy the gourmet weekend packages. The unique inner garden...

  • 't Smokkelhof

    't Smokkelhof

    Bistro in Haringe, with snacks and grilled dishes.

  • De Strooyen Hen

    De Strooyen Hen

    For several generations the family Veyer ownes the restaurant. Successors Filip and Eveline carry this heritage with respect. They opted for a gourmet way. No change of course, but another gear. So...

  • Boltra-café St.Georges

    Boltra-café St.Georges

    A brasserie on the village square of art village Watou. You can taste a spacious variety of local beers, including 4 beers on tap. They offer a wide selection of home-made, delicious snacks. You...

  • Pegasus


    ‘Hotel Recour’ is a romantic luxury hotel with its own town garden, peacefully located at a mere 100 metres from Poperinge’s market square. The hotel houses the exquisite Pegasus restaurant with a...

  • New Dynasty

    New Dynasty

    Come and enjoy the best the Asian cuisine has to offer: various kinds of meat, seafood or fish - grilled, stir-fried, baked or steamed - in curry or rather spicy. They serve you with pride an...

  • Terminus


    The Verheyde family has been renowned for ages as people who insist on serving the very best food, even if that implies keeping their own cows to have first-class steak. By breeding quality cattle...

  • Markt 38

    Markt 38

    Cosy restaurant on the market square of Poperinge. You can taste prepared freshly dishes. In summer you can enjoy the sunny terrace.

  • Den Nieuwen Appel

    Den Nieuwen Appel

    Traditional café in Watou, where you can enjoy snacks and play traditional Flemish games with friends and family.

  • Café Havermuis

    Café Havermuis

    De Havermuis is a cosy little pub were you can play traditional Flemish games.

  • Den Hertog

    Den Hertog

    Enjoy the delicious Flemish cuisine in this rural pub, some of there specialties are steaks, fish stew, shrimp salad ...

  • Boerenhol


    ‘Boerenhol’ is an over 100 years’ old inn that reflects the easy-going atmosphere of yore. It is located in a wonderful environment with a commanding view over the West-Flemish hills. Come and...

  • Gasthof Rozenhof

    Gasthof Rozenhof

    For many years now, Gasthof ‘t Rozenhof has been synonymous with culinary treats. Since Dieter and Carmen Saint Germain came to the helm in 1999, they have tried to live up to its good name, and...

  • Christen Volkshuis

    Christen Volkshuis

    A cosy little pub where you can play traditional Flemish games.

  • Poussecafé


    Cozy tea room in the centre of Poperinge.

  • 't Hommelhof

    't Hommelhof

    In the course of the years numerous styles were followed, ranging from nouvelle cuisine to fusion kitchen and molecular hocus pocus, but… 't Hommelhof stuck to regional and seasonal gastronomy with...

  • Flou's


    Bart and Dorine searched a place where they would feel at home. Until they found the beautiful building of the former hotel "Le Pavillon" next to the station of Poperinge. During the week you can...

  • Romanhof


    The menu of the Romanhof includes typical meat and fish dishes. The carefully prepared daily special testifies to the season of the year. Not all that hungry? Try our freshly-made soup. You can eat...

  • La Poupée

    La Poupée

    ‘A La Poupée’ is a stylish tea room with a fascinating WWI history.

  • De Hanekamp

    De Hanekamp

    Serge and Cindy welcome you in the Hanekamp. Their specialty is roasted chicken.

  • Het Ovenhuis

    Het Ovenhuis

    ‘Het Ovenhuis’ at Watou’s market square exudes warmth and cosiness. Come in and enjoy their traditional French kitchen.

  • Den Eendracht

    Den Eendracht

    Den Eendracht is the perfect place for everyone who’s looking for a cosy traditional Flemish café.

  • Herberg Canada

    Herberg Canada

    This renovated farm, located near De Lovie and the Canada Forest, offers a pleasant rustic setting where you can enjoy fresh grilled meats, numerous local beers and their striking aperitif 'De...

  • De Boshoeve

    De Boshoeve

    ‘De Boshoeve’ is a rural inn where you can enjoy a light snack as well as an extensive dinner. The inn has a child-friendly playground and a sun terrace.

  • De Paterstafel

    De Paterstafel

    In the middle of Watou’s market square, an old stately home has been refurbished into a restaurant, ‘De Paterstafel’, where you can enjoy a wonderful meal. The chef strives to prepare every meal...

  • Het Mysterie

    Het Mysterie

    Broom next to the front door, the soup boiling on the stove and a decade of witches flying across the interior. Welcome in The Mystery, an unique people’s café where witches and trolls have found...

  • Het Wethuys

    Het Wethuys

    When the last magistrate of Watou County took his final breath, little did he know that a mere couple of centuries later, Het Wethuys would no longer be populated by criminals awaiting judgement...

  • Break Café

    Break Café

    Cozy restaurant on the market square of Poperinge where you can enjoy snacks.

  • Au Nouveau St.-Eloi

    Au Nouveau St.-Eloi

    Authentic pub in Watou where young and old are treated to mouth-watering drinks and tasty snacks.

  • Café 't Rekhof

    Café 't Rekhof

    't Rekhof is a nice pub in the city centre of Poperinge where you can play traditional Flemish games with friends and family.

  • 't Kerkegat

    't Kerkegat

    Come and join Diego, Betty and daughter Iris in tearoom and diner 't Kerkegat in Roesbrugge. They serve toasts and spaghetti, but also scampi's, steaks and ribs or enjoy a delicious beer after a...

  • De Leene

    De Leene

    A child-friendly restaurant in a rural setting, just outside Poperinge’s town centre. Closed on wednesday & thursday.

  • Hotel Callecanes

    Hotel Callecanes

    Situated on the Belgian-French border, 3 km from Watou and 5 km from Poperinge, ‘Callecanes’ extends a warm welcome to holidaymakers, day tourists or passers-by. In this idyllic corner of Flanders,...

  • Café d'Heybeke

    Café d'Heybeke

    Authentic rural and cozy café and restaurant near the border, next to the smuggling bridge. Here you can taste the delicious picon and enjoy the real smuggler atmosphere.

  • De Luttertap

    De Luttertap

    At De Luttertap you will find fresh homemade dishes on the menu. De Luttertap is located in a pleasant setting. When the weather is good, you can sit on the outdoor terrace overlooking the...

  • Rood Kruis

    Rood Kruis

    Red Cross is a cosy little pub situated in Poperinge were you can play traditional Flemish games.

  • Crystal Palace

    Crystal Palace

    Woking is an age-old Chinese kitchen tradition. For 2000 years different ingredients are prepared in the wok. Thanks to its short preparation time vitamins, structure, flavour and taste retained....

  • Hotel de la Paix

    Hotel de la Paix

    ‘Hotel de la Paix’ is a restaurant with a nice inner garden. The restaurant, whose owner is also the chef, offers high-quality, seasonal and home-made regional dishes. In the bar you can choose...

  • Legen Doorn

    Legen Doorn

    A cosy little pub where you can play traditional Flemish games situated in Poperinge.

  • D'n Hommelzak

    D'n Hommelzak

    Cozy tea room and bar, located in the centre of Poperinge with a large snooker and billiard room with four professional snooker tables and two carom billiards.

  • Grains d'amour

    Grains d'amour

    Bistro and grill restaurant in the centre of Watou.

  • Een huis tussen dag en morgen

    Een huis tussen dag en morgen

    In the cultural village of Watou, you will find the hotel-restaurant Een Huis tussen dag en morgen. Perfect for those looking for a place to relax. Located at the foot of the West Flemish hills,...

  • The Old Fiddler

    The Old Fiddler

    Enjoy a great dish or beer in the pub/restaurant or on the garden terrace, in a typical Irish atmosphere. Children will have great fun in the playground.

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